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1、Reliable components and suppliers to ensure the product quality

2、With more than ten years of extensive experience, we not only have the skilled craftsmen on machinery manufacturing, but also have modern manufacturing methods, which is a strong guarantee for stable and efficient products.

3、The structure is with special design to ensure the quality, stability, long life and performance of the product.

4、We have cooperated with many leading companies in different industries, for example  Shengqili GROUP( (listed company of domestic polymer composite), ALBIS PLASTIC GROUP(one of the largest producer for blending material in Germany), TRUPER group, Colormax group etc.

5、Quick response within 24 hours

6、100% comprehensive inspection

7、Raw material from ISO certified enterprises

8、Take on any quality issues

9、18 months quality guarantee

10、Engineers service for you at any time .

11、One -stop purchasing services