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Soft pvc transparent tube/pipe making machine line

Item No.: IFA-HRP658294
Min. Order: 1 Piece

PVC tube extrusion line is specially used for producing various kinds of precision small diameter tube , for example soft PVC pipe for medical used, PA/PU precision automobile tube, beverage or clean containers straw and precision communication cable etc.


1.   PVC screw designed by American technology, with bigger L/D and compression ratio, ensures high speed and stable extrusion, meanwhile provides excellent plasticity. Extruder with “ABB” A/C frequency motor and high class “ABB” inverter, which provide accuracy and stable output control, Japan “OMRON” PID intelligent temperature controller, accuracy of temperature control: ±1°C;

2.   Main body of cooling tank is made from medical standard stainless steel SUS316 material, which can tolerate long-term oxide etch with 10ppm sodium hypochlorite water. Tank frame with spiral elevating device, can be 3-D moved, trouble free operation; Equipped with stainless steel reservoir and medical standard stainless steel centrifugal pump which can form water circulation loop with outside cooling water supply;

3.   Adopt America BETA Laser Mike bi-direction high speed diameter measurement system, which can realize measuring the diameter, ovality and positional value of product on line. Diameter measuring precision can get to ±0.001MM;

4.   Puller adopts imported multilayer composite wearable strap (accord with medical sanitary requirements), with high level precision roller driving, stepless speed control;

Specification of PVC medical pipe and production condition:

Out diameter (mm)

Producing speed (m/min)

Control precision of diameter(≤mm)



















Cutting tolerance

Cutting length