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PVC Water Pipe Extrusion Line

Item No.: IFA-MLA837090
Min. Order: 1 Piece
With  its  wide  range  including  various  technical  solu-tions,TIANYU’s production does not only include stan-dard machines, but also offers complete pipes extru-sion  lines,  tailor-made  according  to  the  customers’ requirements,  still  assuring  high  performances  and competitive prices.
The  lines  can  produce  pipes  in  pvc  ma-terials,  with  diameters  starting  from  a  few  mm  up  to 630 mm.
•pressure     piping
- water distribution system
- water supply
•non pressure piping
- sewer systems/drain water
- waters discharge systems for civil
and industrial building
- meteoric waters discharge
- venting system
•industrial application
•cable conduit
•flexible pipe
- gardening hose
- protection sheathing for electric cable
Main Characters: This line can solve the problems of high temperature melting, high viscosity, easy-decomposition. The special designed screw, gearbox, tooling, and HMI system make the line reliable and easy operation.
Main technical parameter:
Diameter(mm) 16-40dual 20-63dual 20-63 50-160 63-200 160-315 315-630
Extruder mode SJZ51/105 SJZ65/132 SJZ51/105 SJZ65/132 SJZ65/132 SJZ80/156 SJZ92/188
Extruder power 18.5AC 37AC 18.5AC 37AC 37AC 55AC 110DC
Max lineal speed 10 15 15 8 3.5 3 1.2
Max capacity 120 250 120 250 250 350 800