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Pneumatic Conveying System for plastic industry

Item No.: IFA-VNU394381
Min. Order: 1 Piece
In order to have a large production volume with  several  kinds of materials,  you not only need a large storage area, but you may also need an abundant supply of manpower for feeding and handling these materials.  This can lead to a crowded work area and make it difficult to keep up with the production line, especially  if your system is not set up to manage this type of activity
Tianyu machinery Co, Ltd. has solutions for such issues: a vacuum conveying system can transport raw materials efficiently and productively from source to destination. The design can eliminate crowding because  the fully automated conveying system can conveniently locate the sources away from the destinations.  This eases operator work space for a more productive facility. Additionally,  we can  customize the  PLC  program  to fit each  customer’s requirements.

Fully automatic
Distances up to 60m or more
304 Stainless steel material contact surfaces
Applications for many different materials, both powders and pellets

The receivers use a rugged modular design and quick-connect clamps for easy cleaning and filter maintenance.